Look beyond the beast.

I am a fitness enthusiast and #power-lifter. I put the focus on motivation and dedication to improving one-self. I myself am on a journey of self improvement. This is my #fitblr, this is my story, this is my life.


Some people think that if they are too happy, something tragic will happen. This is known as cherophobia – the fear of happiness. - http://factecards.com/some-people-think-too-happy/ - see more factE Cards at - http://factECards.com

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I think I had this when I was younger. Every time things went well for me I was always afraid of something bad happening.

Now I just stay happy all the time because life is to short to worry about what’s going to happen next!

I was just thinking. When I went to Michigan for my cousins wedding I think everyone paid me the biggest compliment by telling me how good I looked! When family that I haven’t seen in a long while say stuff like that the. I know my time in the gym has paid off!

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