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I am a fitness enthusiast and #power-lifter. I put the focus on motivation and dedication to improving one-self. I myself am on a journey of self improvement. This is my #fitblr, this is my story, this is my life.

When we’re in the gym, we’re in this indescribable, euphoric zone. It’s a feeling of being on, of being completely alive. Within this haze of pleasure and pain, there’s knowledge and power, self-discipline and self-reliance. If you do it long enough, there’s even enlightenment. Sometimes, the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had are sitting there on those rubber mats, disguised as iron plates and bent bars.

— Chris Shugart (via chasethedreamnotthedollar)

Squats make knees stronger. Squats make athletes better. Squats are good for kids, teenagers, adults, elderly people, and anybody else who can perform them correctly. Squats are a functional expression of human skeletal and muscular anatomy, and the human body is designed to do them. The squat is the way that tens of thousands of years of evolution has adapted the bipedal human body to lower itself to the ground. It is the position in which half the population of South Asia spends the afternoon. And when done weighted, it is the best exercise in existence for strength, power, coordination, joint integrity, bone density, confidence, discipline, intelligence, and charm.

— Mark Rippetoe  (via squats-and-salad)

(Source: thoughtsandsquats, via chasethedreamnotthedollar)


Why Every Man Should Be Strong

"Too often we think of strength-building as something for shallow cads and dumb bros. We set up a false dichotomy between virtue and strength, brains and brawn.

Yet many great men in history, including philosophers, statesman, and writers, rejected this phony divide, and emphasized the importance of developing body, mind, and soul. They understood that without a strong body, a man will never be able to develop his other virtues to their highest potential…”

(via chasethedreamnotthedollar)

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